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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PST

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larry. i will change it to juiceey -- the city plants a plan for trees. okay. i would like to ask for me for the parade, the holiday and the 49ers. you know martin luther king jr., when he said on the constitution keyboard basically and trevor white should be on the constitution keyboard. this year god has rest us with the 49ers victory. it seems like 60 years ago with johnson war property and civil rights and now women talking about abortion and against abortion. it's time for everyone to show up. lgbt people. this sunday
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and monday we all need to come out and stand in san francisco and see how we should all overcome. it seems like we all need these trees. right here is where medical marijuana started. colorado has taken a mile high. we have to take living for justice a mile high in this city. this is a great weekend god has prepared for us to have a great 49ers victory. wear your lgbt colors, black and green colors, come out and enjoy this again. president david chiu: any other speakers wish to speak. thank you please step up. any other members for general public comment please lineup. >> good afternoon, actually, it's still afternoon, it's not evening yet. my name is jackie
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bryson. and i am here once again to remind you that the most vulnerable population in san francisco that is the people who are living in so-called supportive housing still do not have eviction protection. the board of supervisors is in a position to call for hearings to look into why that is and how you can fix that. i put this mayor wants main library cleaned up. the mayor isn't the only one who doesn't want the library cleaned up. the other reason i put this here, is you see the police officers. this is captain churnis of the tenderloin police station. he's our commanding officer. he is out in front of the library. we see him walking around the tenderloin a lot. i'm very
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pleased with the type of police service that captain turnas gives us. he's following the footsteps of captain garrettey. but other police captains could take a page out of jason's playbook. it's basically all i have to say, protect the most vulnerable and protect our police particularly at tenderloin station. thank you. president david chiu: thank you. any other members of the public wish to speak on public comment? >> i guess i want to say wow, i'm surprised i'm speaking about abortion today. i this i we should just start by digging a little deeper and trying to address why somebody would have an abortion in that how we can
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help like help people before they get into that type of position. sometimes the issues are economics and other things, just how as a city can we help men and women before they get into that type of a situation. for me, the other thing about it is how do we help and support women after they have had an abortion. there is lots of thoughts going through their head and how do we support them in being comfortable with going through that situation. i think the other thing for me is i'm going to move on to homelessness and this whole library i'm really concerned in that how do we help people in that help them get passed the homelessness and that scenario. it's not all about the drugs
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and alcohol that they are talking about on the front cover. i'm just looking for solutions as to how we can deal with these problems. i just feel like the whole police situation that they are starting with is not going to be adequate. it's a large amount of people out there and they just don't have a place to live. we need more solutions and it's not about imprisoned people. it's mental health. we need more solutions. >> president david chiu: thank you. are there any other members who wish to speak on public comment? sir, you have
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already spoken. everyone has one opportunity to speak. thank you very much. sir, you can come back next week. thank you. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak in general public comment, seeing none, general public comment is closed. colleagues at this time if we can go to item 24. madam clerk please call item 24. >> the clerk: committee of the whole on january 14, 3:00 p.m. to hold a public hearing of persons interested in the resolution authorizing the department of public health to assembly bill 85. president david chiu: colleague, same house same call. without objection this matter is approved. madam clerk please call our 3:00 p.m. special order and apologize to mr. wagner and thank you for
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your incredible patience. please call items 14 and 15. >> the clerk: items 14 and 15. hearing implementing assembly bill 85 from the department of public health to the families that support the account. intent to adopt the savings formula option. >> thank you. wagner from the department of public health. i appreciate you accommodating me. we are working on to meet some tight state deadlines which is why we come to request this resolution. the topic is regarding our realignment funds that we draw from the state to support services for
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uninsured health care to public health programs in the counties as part of the budget process at the state level last year. the state determined that because under the affordable care act and some new source of funding would be available. as part of the negotiation with the state which ultimately ended up in legislative form and assembly bill 85, the state allowed the county to select from two options about how the amount of realignment funds that would be taken back would be calculated. they have also required that for each county receive approval from it's governing board for which of those options it would select and that's why we are here before you today. the two
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options are essentially different formulas. one would be a flat contribution that would be fixed over 10 years, the other would be done according to a complex formula that takes into account our enrollment in the financial performance of the affordable care act. we have estimated under the first action will give back and under the formula option we will give back a maximum of $50 million and it would likely vary and potentially be significantly lower than that. it's unam ambiguously financially for san francisco to select what is called under the legislation the savings formula option. so we are requesting the board of supervisors to approve the
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resolution that would formally selection that option for the county of san francisco and allow us to move forward under that formula approach. this you very much. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> thank you colleagues, any questions to the cfo from department of public health. supervisor yee? supervisor norman yee: part of it is i haven't caught up with understanding what the funding original funding was meant for and what's the parameters of that funding and why we are, i guess, i'm also thinking in terms of whether, as we are moving from the future systems
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in terms of health care, there is a concern that many of the younger healthier people may not want to shift over to the healthy california and partially because there is no incentive for them to do this. in regards to the cost of it. is there any way to use any of this funding or if we are putting in general funds and saving money anyway, to help the young people make a decision to go into healthy california by supplementing some of the cost of shifting
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over for sort of a time period? >> that's a good question, supervisor, thank you. there are a couple of answers. the first is that we are trying to take advantage of any funding that's available out there to do outreach and enrollment. we have a very proactive effort by the city government, but also community organizations that are out in trying to educate people and encourage them to enroll in covered california and enroll in medical and try to boost in level of the health insurance enrollment within the county. so that is definitely going on. as far as this particular pot of funding is concerned, one of the reasons the counties went to the state and negotiated the option that we are recommending here as one of the options for the counties is that this funding does go to
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pay for health care provision to uninsured individuals and the counties including san francisco made the argument that if we don't see the level of enrollment that we hope for or that we projected or anticipated, we don't want the state to pull back all of that money because we want it to be available for a combination of continuing to provide those services to the remaining uninsured and to do things like programs including getting people educated and engaged and enrolled in health care. one of the advantages of this savings formula approach is that the amount that we contribute back to the state will be scaled based on what an actual enrollment is. if we are not seeing the actual enrollment target we would like, it would leave more dollars in our system and we don't to have plug that whole general fund dollars and use that for care
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and outreach. >> thank you, that's helpful. president david chiu: colleagues, any additional questions to our cfo. okay, seeing none, is there any public comment on this item. okay. seeing no public comment. public comment is closed. with that, this hearing has been held and closed unless there are any other comments. on the underlying resolution, colleagues can we take this item same house same call. without objection this resolution is adopted. madam clerk call our adoption calendar. >> the clerk: item 22 and 23. >> thank you, does anyone want to serve any of these items. i would like to serve item 20. to the balance of the agenda ka can we take these items same
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howls same handout house same call. madam clerk can you call item 20. the clerk: item 206789 moratorium on hydraulic fracturing on the state of california. >> president chiu. >> thank you colleagues. first of all i appreciate your consideration on this resolution on hydraulic fracturing known as fracking. as we have heard in popular press fracking is a new technique to drill for gas and oil resources by drilling wells
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deep into the earth and injecting enormous of water and chemical under high pressure and this is known to produce toxic waste water and air pollution and destructive to public environmental health. fracking is helping in california and is not regulated. the exact precise locations and number of wells in the state are not record, the exact chemicals used are not disclosed among numerous agencies. numerous localities have asked the state to impose a moratorium on fracking and halt fracking until we have a better understanding of what this process entails. the counties have already weighed in on this state dialogue.
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obviously while there is none occurring in san francisco, we weigh in on policies that impact climate change. we had worked on this resolution with a number of organizations and a few weeks ago we were going to ask colleagues to move this. we did have some questions about the language in the results clause and i do want to make an amendment and then one amendment to strengthen the language of this resolution. colleagues i have circulated to you some amendments that state hydraulic fracturing has been unregulated in california and states that the california department of conservation has at best incomplete records of the locations on a number of wells where fracturing is uses to extract oil from wells. it should read from fracturing
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whereas in california where will produce greenhouse gas emissions and on page three, i would like to ask if we can amend this resolution and i understand these amendments are not substantive that let it be resolved that the san francisco board of supervisors express a halt to fracturing in california. we need to stop this practice certainly until we understand what the practice really entails and we can understand how to make it safe. colleagues i would like to first ask for, make a motion to include these amendments and ask for a support on the online resolution. president david chiu: supervisor campos? >> supervisor david campos: second. >> go ahead. president david chiu: colleagues can we take the amendment without objection?
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thank you. >> mr. campos. supervisor david campos: thank you. i think it's really important for san francisco to lead the way which is why i didn't know what to make of the resolution as originally drafted. i think it's important for us to lead, i just didn't think the original language went far enough. i think it's important for us to be as strong as we can. with the amendments now i think i can support this resolution. i think it's important that we just don't call for a moratorium, but to call for a halt for fracturing and with the amendments which is a strong statement, i would like to be added as a cosponsor. president david chiu: thank you. if there are no other comments, can we take this item same house same call as
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amended, thank you. the resolution is adopted. >> which that madam clerk can you read the memoriams. >> yes on behalf of supervisor wiener for the late bobby baker. on behalf of wiener for the late miss catherine dosh and mr. avalos mr. michael stuart, for supervisor breed for johnson. president david chiu: do we have any further business before the body? >> that concludes or business. >> very well, we are adjourned. go 9ers. >> >> [ meeting is adjourned ] >>
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>> >> >> welcome to the san francisco entertainment commission and i'm glad you're all here together. please turn off ourcells cell phones or keep them to vibrate. if you're planning on speaking there's those pink slips there
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are speaker cards. fill them out. a big thank you to sfgovtv and presenting this on air and on the internet. so let's start this meeting with the role call >> commissioner hyde. commissioner joseph. supervisor weiner. commissioner campagnoli. president tan and we have a quantum and for the record commissioner akers commissioner akers will be 15 or 20 minutes late and a i'm not sure about commissioner perez. so the first item is any public comment? we have time for any any public comment? related to the commission that isn't agendized so you're welcome to come up.
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seeing none. nope that item is closed. we'll move on to item 2 the approval of the minutes. commissioners any edits to make or - >> i move to approve. >> second. great there's a motion and a second. there's no discussion so can we take it to vote and commissioner campagnoli. commissioner lee. commissioner joseph. commissioner hyde. president tan >> no. okay. all right. item 3 is the report from the executive director to go ahead ms. king >> i will be brief. good evening and happy new year. starting with legislative policy update i've can't take down on
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my report is agendized for item 7 so that will take the place on the agenda and a move to update you on the water ordinance. behind this memo i've expanded the actual 0 legislation this was introduced that i supervisor chiu and it was intended to phase out plastic water bottles from city areas by october 16th i think is the latest date in the phasing out of water bottles legislation. so it includes the enforcement and penalties and this is to be done by the department of the environment and we'll be curious about that. again i'm not sure - i don't have the whole trajectory.
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we will ask president choosing office what they intended. it says environmental code it maybe go to the committee and to the full board but in any case is it fair to say triumphed to us and now to you for informational purposes only >> can i interrupt you i want to ask you a question. i have not read this yet is there any way around how they expect us to dispense water to large populations at street festivals like san francisco pride that has between 1.2 and .5 million people last year did they talk about that >> i don't believe they're going to stipulate the remedies per say only if you can't sell
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bottled water their has been similar challenges at things not quite as big on port property but this is some profiles e pieces of properties in san francisco so i'm not perpetrate to answer but i think it's a fair question that you ought to hear and a commissioner chiu will be here. >> well they'll be here on the board liquor moratorium. >> okay. great thank you. >> so i indicated on my memo under the staff and office update items some dates in 2014 of note so you guys are reminded. we're planning on doing 0 another life panel in february
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the second smallest of that series i guess and i think ben is in the back and we've been discussing narrowly the task a little bit and if you come to that it will be similar. i communicated with and have of you regarding a retreat in march of 2014 and some of you have gotten back to me if i haven't attached me dates that will work for a half day in february to do a retreat. we picked the date for the summit that's april 7th i'm giving you much 7, 8, 9. if you'll put that on your calendar now.
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under the heading of corrective action i want to as a matter of consistency we did a director's order for a contraband on december 13th and issued the night club 14 extra conditions and extended the hours and the permit was done on december 3rd. also on northern station with the captain and the ocean owner and staff as well as supervisor breed we discussed an incident about a large fight no formal action will be taken but they've agreed to stop having things in their restaurants and where the bar is as opposed to the night
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collaborating club where their ticketed themselves. they correlate to the problems they've had. so in mid-december there were only two lounge shows scheduled by the end of february i believe so we're hopeful that will take care of the problem and we'll monitor that that concludes my presentation >> great commissions any questions or comments. >> i forgot to add new years eve was extraordinarily quiet. there were parties everywhere there seems is to be although i don't have any data people out having fun as far as our issues there were none person informed of. we reached out to the permit officers and other folks in the
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police department. aided and abettedy and i went out and commissioner joseph went out as well and nothing to report is great as far as i'm concerned >> can you sky where you went. >> all over the place. >> any other comments if not open this up for public comment. any public comment on the director's report? come on up and please state your name and speak into the microphone. >> good evening i'm john and a 26 resident of san francisco and sit on the


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